Dolphins cutting quarterback Brandon Doughty

“LeBron has led this charge and playing 81 out of 81 games,” Lue said. “It’s very easy for a guy to sit down when you’re going through the stuff we went through all season. I think he did a great job just leading by example, playing every game even though we were going through a tough stretch and tough stretches. I think he did a really good job of setting the tone for everyone. That’s what we need from him. To win 50 games after we — I guess, for 35-40 games we had probably four or five different starting point guards and guys being out, six of our rotational guys being out — him stepping up and playing the way he’s played has been tremendous.”

The proposal potentially could return to the agenda at the league’s spring meeting in May. However, rules that are not passed when first presented at the league’s annual March meeting usually fall short again upon reconsideration … unless the wording is satisfactorily changed and/or enough momentum is generated to sway 24 of the 32 voting teams needed for approval.

Neither seems likely to happen in this case — and there’s good reason why.

Simply put, a few stoplights are needed for a league that has never before operated at such a breakneck pace.

Front-office staffs used to take some time to catch their collective breath once eliminated from the title race as the playoffs unfolded. After a brief respite, attention toward the next season was then placed primarily on draft prospects at college all-star games before shifting toward free agency and veteran trade possibilities entering the NFL Combine in late February.

It is expected to be one of Jackson’s final trips — if not his final trip — to a team facility before the draft, per Breer.

Cleveland and Miami also are among the teams reportedly on Jackson’s itinerary.

The Ravens’ interest in Jackson is interesting given they have Super Bowl-winning quarterback Joe Flacco under contract for four more seasons. But General Manager Ozzie Newsome and coach John Harbaugh both said Thursday that Griffin’s signing wouldn’t affect their draft plans, with a quarterback remaining a possibility.

Flacco is only 20-22 over the past three seasons with 52 touchdowns and 40 interceptions. The Ravens have not made the playoffs the past three seasons.

If his 2017 season is an indication rather than outlier, the Broncos will soon be ecstatic with Keenum after two uninspiring years under center in the aftermath of Peyton Manning’s retirement.

Mind you, that’s a big “if.”

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