New England Patriots reunite McCourty brothers after trade with Cleveland Browns for Jason

In the NFL this time of the year, things happen quickly. Apparently, they can also be undone quickly, too.

Just one hour after the Cleveland Browns announced ?they were terminating the contract of cornerback Jason McCourty Thursday – one of among 10 transactions they publicized – the team traded McCourty and a seventh-round draft pick in the 2018 draft to the New England Patriots for a sixth-round selection in 2018.

Under any circumstance, the Jets-Wilkerson relationship needed to end for the sake of both parties.

If you believe the Wilkerson-got-rich scenario, you should probably like the one-year, $8-million deal the Packers handed him on Tuesday, given that the 28-year-old would presumably be using his one-year deal as leverage for a multiyear contract to come.

The Packers might not necessarily want to sign Wilkerson to a long-term pact, but for one year, he should be motivated to play his best football.

An interested Wilkerson and a healthy Mike Daniels would be one of the best one-two punches in the league.

Tuesday, March 13 RB Dion Lewis, Titans Grade: B- Let’s take a minute and bow our heads for the folks who owned Derrick Henry in dynasty leagues.

The McCourty brothers will be reunited on the field for the first time since Rutgers, but it won’t be because the Patriots signed Jason following his release. Despite the Browns’ announcement, McCourty remained a member of the team long enough to be traded to the Patriots.

The Browns announced that they have traded McCourty and a 2018 seventh-round pick for a 2018 sixth round pick. The move gives the Patriots a corner to help fill the void left by Malcolm Butler‘s departure and gives Devin McCourty something he wanted when his brother was released by the Titans last year.

He will protect Manning. And in turn Manning will support him. Solder is not Anthony Munoz, Jonathan Ogden or Walter Jones, but he’s a two-time Super Bowl champion and a big upgrade at left tackle over Ereck Flowers, although his four-year, $62 million contract with $35 million guaranteed is more of a function of the Giants desperation than Solder being considered among the league’s elite players.

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