Watch: Russell Wilson blasts homers at Yankees batting practice

A “circus-like atmosphere” accompanied Russell Wilson’s arrival at Yankees spring training on Monday but the highlight for many fans had to be watching him go yard multiple times during batting practice.

Wilson, whose day job is quarterbacking the Seahawks, had his baseball rights traded from the Rangers to the Yankees last week, and he’ll in be in pinstripes at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa for the next five days.

If a ball can be fielded by either of two players and both miss, DRS punishes those players each more than UZR. If either succeeds, that player receives more credit with DRS than they would with UZR. Because of these and other factors, DRS tends to assign a greater spread of values than UZR. Among qualified players, the best and worst player in 2017 by DRS differed by 59 DRS, but that figure was only 33.8 for UZR.

Cabrera has spent much of the past three seasons sharing the right half of the infield with Ian Kinsler, who has consistently graded out as a stellar defensive second baseman (37 DRS, 20.9 UZR from 2015-2017). Cabrera, with very limited range, might opt to cover the bag and let Kinsler dive after balls in both directions. If Kinsler can’t make the play, both are punished more by DRS than UZR, but Kinsler has a better ability to make plays than Cabrera, so he can make up for his shortcomings with those plays.

Despite battling an injury, Martinez slashed .303/.376/.690 with 45 home runs and 104 RBIs in just 119 games last season. He started the year in Detroit but was traded to the Diamondbacks before the July 31 trade deadline.

Boston was 27th in MLB in 2017 with 168 home runs, so Martinez’s power production is much needed as the Red Sox hope to content with the Yankees in the AL East. Only the Braves, Pirates and Giants had fewer homers than Boston last season.

The legends and tales of Shohei Ohtani have rumbled across Major League Baseball for a couple of years now.

The whispers told stories of a teenage phenom in Japan who wielded a bat like Babe Ruth and used his golden arm to throw triple-digit fastballs like Nolan Ryan. And not only did he hit and pitch in Japan, he was a superstar at both tasks. In 2016, this wonder hit 22 homers with a .322 average and 1.004 OPS in 104 games as a hitter AND posted a 1.86 ERA with an average of 11.2 strikeouts per nine innings in 140 innings as a pitcher.

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