The Rockets are really good when they’re rolling, but it’d be a historic upset if they’d knock off the Warriors.

MacMahon: Fiction. The Warriors might be the best collection of talent in basketball history, and all the pieces fit together. Now, if LeBron decides to head to Houston next season … Flacco threw three touchdowns against a San Francisco defense that had not allowed more than two passing touchdowns a game all season. He followed […]

With Minnesota leading 121-118, Karl-Anthony Towns’ bad pass out of bounds gave the Clippers the ball.

Representatives for Ezekiel Elliott have made clear their intention to fight the six-game suspension the NFL dealt to the Dallas Cowboys running back on Friday after a lengthy investigation concluded the 22-year-old violated the league’s personal conduct policy when he allegedly “engaged in physical violence” against an ex-girlfriend last summer. “Mr. Elliott and his team […]